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new obama tee! [11 Sep 2008|06:36pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Obama's image made from his own words. Taken from his acceptance speech at this years DNC as well as other noteworthy quotes, this tee requires a closer look.

Guys tee available here
Womens tee available here

*A portion of each sale will be donated to the Obama for America Campaign.

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new website, new tees [19 Jul 2008|05:42pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

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huge handbag sale! [14 Jun 2006|11:58am]

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'night light' [14 Jun 2006|11:49am]

We asked our good friend & amazing artist Justin Pierce if he'd design a limited edition tee for us, and we couldn't be happier with the result! "Night Light" is a 3-color print available in guys and girl styles, limited to 25 pieces. This is the first t-shirt in our "Just Visiting" series. Each t-shirt is hand printed and numbered.
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t-shirts gone forever [09 Jun 2006|03:49pm]

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birthday boy [09 Jun 2006|03:34pm]

Happy (belated) 27th birthday nick!

We celebrated with grilled cheese and PBRs. It was a good time.
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gallery hop [04 Jun 2006|06:33pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

This Saturday was the monthly Gallery Hop down at the Short North in Columbus. It was the 250th event so there was so much going on! Besides just out enjoying the awesome day and new shows at some local galleries, we also got a chance to catch one song from Heavy Mole, a new local favorite of ours;) Did anyone else get to walk around?

There was also a community yard sale that we unfortunately didn’t get to until later… but we still snatched up some treasures! (Most of which were actually free)

We got a fun gift for Nick’s brother, a TMNT water bottle. And some fun little animal friends for ourselves as well. I was the happiest to find a vintage version of one of my favorite card games ever, ‘Mille Bornes’. If you haven’t ever played, I would recommend it!
We also managed to pick up some fun novels for Jessica to work her love light magic on!
Besides all that we also got a neat old window that someone had abandoned, don’t know what to do with it yet, but it’ll become something, anyone have any great crafty ideas?!

We were sad to see one of our favorite restaurants down the street closed… we hope not forever! Oh Element we miss you so.
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grab a tee [04 Jun 2006|01:44pm]

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New Site, New Stuff! [06 May 2006|03:55pm]


Hope you enjoy our new look at alisonrose.com!
With the fresh new look, comes new items including:

* Beach Landing Tee
* Trees in the Sunset Tee (girls) (guys)
* Super 8 (new color!)
* Super 8 tote
* Beach Landing tote
* Four Brand New Wallets 1, 2, 3, 4

Even more new shirts and other items soon!

take care,

alison & nicholas

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[02 Feb 2006|07:55pm]

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[13 Dec 2005|12:43am]

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[12 Dec 2005|01:03am]
Finally got a chance to post something now that the new computer is finally here! There is a flickering in the upper right corner of the monitor that is starting to drive me nuts!! Urgh, so I might be making a drive out to Best Buy soon. Damn it! For dinner tonight I made a curried rice casserole, one my Aunt is known to make herself. It was nice to think about her and enjoy the delicious dish. I totally should have cut the recipe in half though! Leftovers for weeks! Nick and I watched “Me and You and Everyone We Know” tonight. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! An extremely funny and charming film. The youngest boy was the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen. Truly worth the rent. Lots to do tomorrow, so I’m off to bed.

*hope everyone had a great weekend!*
*Here are some photos from Art vs. Craft..

also...The shop has been updated. Free shipping!
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Christmas Shopping Done Easy!!! [08 Dec 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | merry ]

alison rose holiday newsletter


december 7th, 2005

* new wallets, pouches, totes!

* new one-of-a-kind hoodies, tshirts, long sleeve tees!

* new warm and fuzzy scarves up!


Hello everyone! December came upon us fast this year! We have a ton of new
goodies that would make great gifts this holiday season. Shop! Shop! Shop!
As a gift from us, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS for the
entire month of December! WOO! That’s priority mail for all the folks in
the US. Also to Ensure that your gifts arrive in time for Christmas please
place your orders on or before Monday December 19th! Happy Holidays.

Warm Regards,
Nicholas & Alison

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RCF recap, etc..... [03 Oct 2005|01:58am]
Wow, has it really been a month since i've written? Well, lets see....Nick and I had a great time in Chicago for the Renegade Craft Fair! Met lots of nice folks; saw some familiar faces, finally met Maggie and Michael from Supermaggie, and dodged many mud puddles. It was really amazing that people still came out in the mud to support the fair. On Saturday nick got all "fanboy" on me as he spotted Mike Kinsella of Owen/American football out browsing the booths.
(mike kinsella)

We have no photos from the actual fair, but here are some of our purchases...


a) Nick picked up this piece by artist Dolan Geiman, (silkscreen/collage god)
b) Some really cute cards by Nicole over at pinklovesbrown.com
c) More cards from the amazing sidepony.com
and I bought a supermaggie longsleeve tee which is in the washer:)

Yesterday we stumbled into a lovely little yard sale where we found this:


HELLO? Ten dollars for Gocco? What a steal! It's an older model, and missing a few pieces, but I managed to find the replacements online. We also scored some vintage upholstery fabrics:

Just got finished printing these...

for Craftin Outlaws fair this Saturday in Columbus. I’ve got some samples coming from alternative apparel, which Maggie suggested we try. Hopefully they’ll be here in the morning. Just one more hoodie to make before I get to relax and watch the last episode of arrested development season one. Nick and I have been obsessed lately. Gotta love the never-nude!!
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Summer Tank Top Sale - Only $22! [23 Aug 2005|12:45am]

We've put our one-of-a-kind tanks on sale for the last few weeks of summer! Only $22!!! So snatch 'em up while they are still here! Great items for that cruise you were planning, that spring break trip to Mexico or just to enjoy the remaining days of sunshine!



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Ohio State Fair, Ohio Caverns, and Kiser Lake Camping [18 Aug 2005|04:28am]
[ mood | aggravated by my bug bites ]

This weekend we got a visit from my sister Jessica and her boyfriend Andrius! The first thing on our agenda was to visit the annual Ohio State Fair. Just like last year it was super hot and sticky! We enjoyed giant sodas, huge ice teas, shaken lemonades, hot dogs, corn dogs, and everything that could possibly be fried, which was alot!


Jessica and Andrius enjoying some snacks and watching the dog show!

See more from our fun weekend...PicsGalore!...Collapse )
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Hello Everyone! We are truly excited to announce... [12 Aug 2005|10:03am]
[ mood | excited ]

...that we have a brand spankin’ new site up!


Nick and I have spent countless hours preparing it for you so we hope you
like it. Lets get to the good stuff...

** New site, tons of new items!**

Along with the revamp of the site, we’ve also added a bunch of brand new
+ Pouches+ (if you were at Renegade, you may have saw the first batch)
+ Wallets+ (finally!! For guys & girls. Brand new to the site)
+ One-of-a-kind T shirts and Tanks+ (Fun bright colors!)
+ Printed Tees + (8 new designs! & a new color combos to some old favorites)
+ Alison Rosebud + (baby & kid one-of-a-kind apparel)
and much more!


We’re gearing up for two shows (hopefully more!) this fall:
We’ll be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago on Sept. 24th & 25th. This
is our second time in Chicago, and we are really excited to be asked back.

On October 8th we’ll be taking part in ‘Craftin’ Outlaws’ in our hometown!
We’re so excited to see Columbus becoming a part of the independent
crafters’ scene.

So, enjoy the rest of your summer and let us know what you think of the
new site!

Alison & Nick

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Bridal bags and new products... [05 Aug 2005|01:57pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

The summer is winding down but we're still busy getting all kinds of new things done! Nick has been working hard on the re-vamped site, which will be up early next week! I'm super excited.
I just finished a bridal order I had been working on. I love how the bags turned out!!!!

Wedding!...Collapse )

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Ocean City and Threadless.com [01 Aug 2005|01:34pm]
[ mood | fine ]

Hello All! Well We are back from our vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. We had such a nice time! We got super sunburnt on the first day there but that didn't stop us from enjoying many activities including jet-skiing and boardwalk shopping. Check out the vacation pictures in the cut...

In Other News...

After Aaron came up with an original t-shirt concept, we messed around with it and came up with Check Yr Pits!
This t-shirt design has been submitted to Threadless.com to be voted on and hopefully printed.

If we get enough high scores the shirt will be printed and
sold from the site and we will win some prizes. Take a look
at it and if you like it, sign up and give it a score.

My Threadless.com Submission


VacationPics...Collapse )
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Renegade Photos [01 Jul 2005|04:06pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

After 9 hours of driving we finally arrived in Brooklyn. We were welcomed by Nick's one-eyed "friend" while we unpacked the car... nothing says welcome better than a one-eyed drunken brooklyn-ite...


MorePics...Collapse )

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